January 1969

"All we at Marvel ask is that our product be judged on the basis of quality - a quality which we sincerely believe is equal to that found in any other comparable media."

From Incredible Hulk, Vol. 1, No. 111

December 1968

"Sooner or later, if man is ever to be worthy of his destiny, we must fill our hearts with tolerance."

From Fantastic Four, Vol. 1, No. 81

November 1968

"Rascally Roy Thomas, is knockin' 'em dead with his new Nehru threads and guru goatee! Groovy Gary Friedrich will be sending us his scripts from Hollywood for the next few months! Jazzy Johnny Romita bought himself a new set of wheels and now you can't even get him to walk across the street!"

From Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1, No. 66

October 1968

"Wanna know the name of our newest writer? He's none other than Artful Arnold Drake, the lovable king-size leprechaun who combines his own unique dramatic quality with a fabulous flair for biting satire and crafty characterization!"

From Fantastic Four, Vol. 1, No. 79

September 1968

"And so, with heavy hearts, we announce the departure of one of the Bullpen's most popular pixies - Fabulous Flo Steinberg who bids us a fond farewell to seek her fortunes is another field of endeavor...
Face Front, Flo! The best of luck to you where e'er you go."

From Fantastic Four, Vol. 1, No. 78

August 1968

"That's the lowdown, loyal one. We don't want you to spend all your bread on our mags, honest. But, so long as the dramatic demand for them continues, we can't turn a deaf ear."

From Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1, No 63

July 1968

"To give you an idea how far in advance we have to write these pithy pages, it's the day after Christmas, 1967, at this very moment as we write these lines... but you'll probably be reading this sometime in April, 1968!
And you wonder why we have trouble remembering things!"

From Fantastic Four, Vol. 1, No. 76