June 1972

"Wild Bill Everett, who created the Sub-Mariner many moons ago, has both written and drawn the fabulous 50th issue of Namor's own mag, now on sale!"

From Captain America, Vol. 1, No. 150

May 1972

"Hello to Stalwart Steve Englehart, who's just joined our harried little staff, where he'll be doing proofreading, penciling, inking, scripting - and probably lettering, if somebody will lend him a spelling-book! Welcome aboard, Steve - may your inkwell never run dry!"

From Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1, No. 108

April 1972

"These brief, random thoughts are being written just a short time after the Attica State Prison tragedy. Now I have no intention of imposing my own opinions upon you about which side, which party or parties might have been right or wrong. Instead, I'd like to discuss the theory of 'right or wrong' itself. Is it possible that too much harm, too much injustice has been caused in the name of 'right' - in the pursuit of combating 'wrong'?"

From Incredible Hulk, Vol. 1, No. 150

March 1972

"This month I'm gonna try to answer the question which is asked of us more than any other. It's the plaintive, passionate poser, "How do I break into the comic-book biz?"
Of course the easiest answer is "Why would you want to?", but I won't cop out that easily. (Mainly because I've gotta fill this furshlugginer column!)"

From Avengers, Vol. 1, No. 97

February 1972

"Stan (The Man) Lee who returns at last this month to scripting Spidey-thrillers again, startled everybody by suddenly shaving off his beard the other day! [...]
Affable Al Kurzrok, sometime Sgt. Fury scripter and fulltime production plodder, just got back from a wild weekend in voodoo-haunted Haiti. Hope you had a ball, A.K.- but why'd you just shave off the beard on that doll with all the hatpins in it?"

From Fantastic Four, Vol. 1, No. 119