August 1973

"Let's all give a hearty 'welcome aboard' to Battlin' Bob Brown, whom we've long respected as one of comicdom's most talented artists..."

From Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1, No. 83

July 1973

"We're spacing the ads out, so you won't find each one in each and every title - but if you pick up a sizable handful of our masterworks each month, you can be certain you'll be kept abreast of just what mixed-up Marvel is up to!"

From Incredible Hulk, Vol, 1, No. 165

June 1973

"Feast your eyes on the current Spider-Man super-spectacular. It's one of the greatest, most important issues ever - spotlighting perhaps the most momentous turning point yet in the career of our wondrous wall-crawler! Take it from us - this is the one!
'Nuff said?"

From Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1, No. 121