August 1974

"And now, till we meet again, think peace - think love - think Marvel.
It could be habit forming.


From Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1, No. 135

July 1974

"Here's a personal tid-bit or two we thought might be of interest: First off, let's give a harried hello to Lethal Larry Hama, who takes over as artist of our new Iron fist feature in the current ish of Marvel Premiere...

Speaking of kung fu, we've gotta tell you how pleased we are with Peerless Paul Gulacy, who's taken over our much-heralded Master of Kung Fu title, now that Judo Jim Starlin's devoting his full time to his own rendition of Captain Marvel.

Add the above names to the roster of new young talents who are swiftly growing to Marvel-ous maturity, a list which already includes Affable Al Milgrom, (Santa) Klaus Janson, plus the other new lights we've discovered - or, more truthfully, who've discovered us, since we're nothing without 'em...

From Fantastic Four, Vol. 1, No. 148

A Special Announcement From Stan, Roy, and Marvel Comics

From Marvel's June 1974 letters' pages

June 1974

Due to a last-minute emergency, we had to forego our widely-acclaimed Bullpen Bonus Page this go-round. So, we'll just have to wait till next month to tell you about all the brain-blasting bargains that'll be yours when you've amassed a complete set of Marvel Value Stamps - or about some of the hectic hijinx which the World's Weirdest Bullpen have been up to - not to mention the return of our capricious Checklist.

From Incredible Hulk, Vol. 1, No. 176