May 1974

"As to our ever-enchanting color comics, they're mostly proofread and pondered over by Dutiful Don McGregor and our newest nabob, Devil-May-Care Doug Moench, who just blew in from the Windy City!"

From Captain America, Vol. 1, No. 173

Get Well Soon, Marie Severin

Via Tom Spurgeon comes word that comics great and Bullpenner from way back Marie Severin has been hospitalized following a stroke. Get well cards can be sent to:

Marie Severin, patient
c/o Huntington Hospital
270 Park Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743

April 1974

"After all, didja know that Fantastic Four #1 is now selling for up to $50 in many back-issue comic-book store across the nation, and that Spidey #1 isn't far behind?"

From Avengers, Vol. 1, No. 122

March 1974

"So, starting now - and without abandoning our search for ever-newer horizons to conquer in the name of Marveldom Assembled - we're returning this paged to all its former, much-lauded glory, and adding a new Bullpen Bonus Page, to boot!

That's right, believer - now you'll get two full pages of news and views each month (three, if you count our liltin' letters pages)!

And, for those of you who are counting: Nope, we haven't dropped any pages of art and story, just a paid ad which took up the space last month - and this is spite of ever-rising printing costs and that depressing paper shortage you've been reading about (often, we might add, in newspapers with fewer pages).

So now who says mighty Marvel isn't the Company with a Heart?"

From Fantastic Four, Vol. 1, No. 144