August 1971

"Speaking of landmark editions, here's one for the books: the current Hulk thriller, now on sale, is based on Tom Wolfe's brilliant best-seller "Radical Chic," and Tom himself actually appears in the yarn. He said he's always wanted to be a Marvel superhero - and nobody says them there kinda things lightly around the ol' Bullpen! To call this issue 'off-beat' would be like saying that Raquel Welch isn't too bad looking!"

From Incredible Hulk, Vol. 1, No. 142

July 1971

"Savage Tales (Our M-rated mag - for the mature reader) looks like such a howlin' hit, that we're following it up with a ghoulish 50¢ goodie called The Tomb of Dracula. (Or The House of Dracula. We haven't decided yet.) It's a wholly new concept, starring Dracula himself, as he is - was - and perhaps will be."

From Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1, No. 98

May 1971

"People have been asking who writes the agonizingly alliterative headlines for these priceless pages each month. We always thought it was Our Leader, but he just hinted that he's had a bit of help - from some fellow named Spiro. (We can't reveal his last name because he wouldn't want his boss to know he's been moonlighting!)
Just goes to show you... everybody's into Marvel!"

From Captain America, Vol. 1, No. 137

April 1971

"You've gotten so involved that all your mail seems to concern the world at large, and the conflicts and divisions that are assaulting our society. We're proud of your concern - thrilled by your insight, and your enthusiasm - but we're worried about our stories! Is anybody reading them?"

From Fantastic Four, Vol. 1, No. 109