March 1973

"Hmmm... The Monster Times... The New Yorker... looks like there are no worlds left for the ol' wall-crawler to conquer, 'cept maybe the Ladies' Home Journal! But, who knows - maybe one of these fine days-!"

From Captain America, Vol. 1, No. 159

February 1973

"Those of you who've been with us since the early days of Marvel have probably lost track of how many times I've hammered home the point that, unlike cigarettes, our comics are really good for you."

From Fantastic Four, Vol. 1, No. 131

December 1972

"...Steve Gerber - a name we predict you'll be seeing a lot more of, in the near future!"

From Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1, No. 115

November 1972

"Anyway, for years now, we've wanted to start a comic-mag which dealt exclusively with the derring-do of a gal superstar, instead of the usual hunk of masculine muscle."

From Avengers, Vol. 1, No. 105