September 1973

"Now, if we may, we'd like to get serious for just a moment. This is the Bullpen item we hoped we'd never have to write.
Bill Everett, creator of the Sub-Mariner and a host of other great comic-book heroes, passed away on February 27th last.
Bill was known and loved by just about everyone in the comics world, and was respected as few of his peers are respected.

Rather than launch any lengthy eulogies here - something Bill wouldn't have wanted, in any case - we'd prefer simply to refer you to the pages of Sub-Mariner #65, now on sale, in which a final and well-earned tribute is paid to this most important of Marvel talents... this most kindly, most generous of men.
We sorta think that's where Bill would most have liked to be remembered."

From Avengers, Vol. 1, No. 115

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